Detachable Cable Ends

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Let us make you an extra end for your aviator-style detachable cable. Get an end for each of your keyboards/devices without having to buy a whole new cable!

These cable ends do NOT include the host side of a detachable cable. View the full cable product page.

Each cable is made by hand [with love] in our Las Vegas workshop.

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Pricing & Options

The base price starts at just $17.95 for a straight cable end with your choice of over 300 paracord color options. You can optionally add coils and techflex double-sleeving.


Device Connector

This is the USB connector that will plug into your device or keyboard. The majority of mechanical keyboards use either USB-C or Mini USB.


Paracord Color

Each cable is encased in the highest-quality, U.S. made, 550 paracord. Choose from hundreds of color options to match your keycaps, keyboard, workspace or personality.

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Aviator Type

Choose which half of the aviator connector you would like on your cable end. Female is the default (see product photos). All the cables we sell use the female end on the device side and the male end on the host side. If you're buying an extra end for a cable you already own purchased elsewhere, check which type is on the host-end of your cable and choose the opposite here. The male half plugs into the female half.


If you're choosing a coiled cable with an aviator connector, you'll want to select which side of the cable you'd like the coiled section and what angle you want the cable to exit the coils. The majority of the product photos shown feature cables with the device-side 90-degree setup, however now our default is device-side 90-degrees as this has become the most popular configuration. Use the following diagrams as reference:

View coil configurations

Note: If you plan to use a custom cable with a keyboard that features a large amount of LEDs or other electronics, please see the FAQ page for warnings and recommendations regarding coils and cable length.


Techflex double-sleeving

Techflex Flexo PET sleeving is braided from 10 mil polyethylene terepthalate (PET) monofilament yarns. The material has a wide operating temperature range, is resistant to chemical degradation, UV radiation, and abrasion. Double-sleeving a corded cable adds durability, rigidness, and creates some cool visual effects. We recommend Techflex for coiled cables, as it can increase the life and uniformity of the coils if moved around a lot or treated roughly.

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Heatshrink Color

Heatshrink wraps around each of the connectors to attach them securely to the cable.

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Special Instructions

Enter any preferences for your cable not covered by the customization options.


Production times vary based on availability of selected materials and number of open orders. See the current fulfillment window below the product's price. We will notify you as soon as possible if any significant delays are expected beyond the estimated fulfillment window. You will receive an email when your cable is finished and is on its way to you

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